Our guidlines:

„He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple.”   Isaiah 50/4

Our aim is to learn the right listening to Gods Word, so that it can change our hearts and lead us to obey – to become more like Jesus Christ, our great example.

There are a lot of people who cannot quit their work in order to join a bible-school for half a year. Therefore we offer the bible-school as an Online-Bible-School. The lessons were recorded at the bible-school in Schloss Klaus, Tauernhof or Bodenseehof – all members of the „Torchbearers international fellowship“.

This Online-Bible- School will be a help to study Gods Word seriously and teach us His Word. The more we look at God and are touched by His love, the more we will learn to love Him with all our heart and His character will change us into loving people. The more we are aware what God has done to save us, the more thankful we will be.

This Online-Bible-School will enable you to deepen your relationship to Jesus. It can also be a good instrument for co-workers at churches.

We just started the English version. Right now there are only a few online – lessons available.

If you start with „From Genesis to Revelation“ you will find the outlines as a pdf-paper. Please print these outlines at once as „Lessons 1-43“ or in parts. It is important that you fill in the questions when required in the lessons, to be able to answer the online questions.

If there are any questions left – please contact: fernbibelschule@schlossklaus.at


Author: Birgitt Gehring
30 Lessons
Author: Birgitt Gehring
13 Lessons

Coming soon:

Leviticus, Numeri
and Deutoronomy
28 Lessons
Author: Peter Reid
25 Lessons
Author: Hans Peter Royer
10 Lessons
Author: Hans Peter Royer
9 Lessons