Schloss Klaus

…is an old sentry-walk with battlements, towers and vaults all rebuilt from that which was left of an old fortress dating from the 11th century and a once-derelict 16th century castle. The original character of the castle has been preserved and lovingly combined with new facilities and cosy rooms to make it a place of warmth and „Gemütlichkeit [coziness]“. Now complete with its recently-rebuilt fortress, Schloss Klaus can provide accommodation for 150 guests.

… is love for a very special ongoing task. For almost 50 years, the restored rooms of the old castle and fortress have served the goal of encouraging people to embark on – and abide in – a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

… is a German speaking center of Torchbearers International, a non-denominational, international Christian organisation. Founded in England in 1947 by Major Ian Thomas, the Torchbearer ministry currently comprises more than 20 centers worldwide.