A glance at His-Story

Walls can’t talk, but if they could, the rooms of the castle and fortress would tell us quite a story. Overlooking the Steyr valley, they have seen people come and go. Noblemen, knights, robbers, soldiers, refugees, foresters and children. Seasons, years, decades have passed by. Times of peace brought relative prosperity, times of war and strife brought suffering and hardship.
Walls are strong and solid, but they are not immune to the slow and consistent grind of age. For many decades, the necessary maintenance and upkeep of Schloss Klaus was neglected, leaving the building at the mercy of the elements. Rooms designed for shelter and protection where damaged, and in some cases reduced to rubble and ruins.
During the winter of 1962/63, Peter and Runhild Wiegand came to look at the Schloss. They found broken windows, snow-drifts inside the building and caved-in ceilings.
In the midst of the impossible, they sensed a vision that this castle could become a meeting place for young and old alike where God’s Word could be truthfully proclaimed, earnestly heard and practically explored.
They took a step of faith and God provided the means and also people prepared to commit themselves to the work. A miracle took shape. Today, the rooms of the “Schloss” and “Burg” provide accommodation for 150 guests. The many different retreats, conferences and courses that are offered all have a common goal: to discover and enjoy all that God has given us in the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, and to encourage and help people to live this out through authentic Christian lives in their families, jobs and churches. To do this, we offer Bible studies, seminars, lectures and opportunities for counselling, sharing and exploring how to live out our faith in practice.